Experiencing a Crisis?

We provide 24/7 intervention for all ages in Oklahoma and Logan Counties for persons who feel out of control or have thoughts of suicide, harming themselves or hurting others.

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Board of Directors

Jered Davidson, JD
Paul Porter, JD
Vice President
Shawn Thomas Rogers
William I. James, Jr

Carol Asin
Clifton Thomas, Ph.D.
Doli Mathews, RN, MPH
Jane Ferrell, Ex-Officio Member
Willian C. Lockhart
Rebecca Denny, CPA
Dr, George Kurdgelashvili
Jeremiah Smith
Erin McConnell, Ex-Officio Member


Chief Executive Officer

Randy Tate

Randy Tate, MSW

Executive Leadership

Randy Tate
Chief Executive Officer
Butch Rice
Chief Financial Officer
Dr. Peter Kowalski
Chief Medical Officer
Shawna Hall
Deena Clifton
Vice President of Revenue Cycle Management
Connie Schlittler
Vice President of Growth
Julia Reed
Vice President Clinical Operations, Children & Family Services
Agata Karch
Vice President Clinical Operations, Crisis Services
Rachael Picon
Vice President Clinical Operations, Adult Services
LaCinda Daugherty
Vice President Clinical Operations, SUD Services
Belinda Bowen
Vice President of Human Resources