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We provide 24/7 intervention for all ages in Oklahoma and Logan Counties for persons who feel out of control or have thoughts of suicide, harming themselves or hurting others.

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Child, Youth and Family

As a caregiver, you want what is best for your child, but it’s not always easy to know what type of support a child or teenager or parent needs. NorthCare is the place to turn when child and teen and parent problems seem overwhelming and too difficult to handle alone.

Our team of compassionate professionals will provide your  family with individually tailored services designed to overcome a wide range of emotional, behavioral or relationship problems — from mild to severe. We’ll work together to help your family .

    • Teach families how to have healthy and normal conflict and communicate in non-aggressive ways.
    • Increase family bonding, love, and affection.
    • Increase positive behaviors at home and in school
    • Strengthen social skills and self-esteem
    • Develop self-control and manage anger
    • Restabilize following a psychiatric crisis
    • Succeed in school
    • Decrease conflict with family members, teachers and peers
    • Heal from traumatic effects of abuse
    • Recover from emotional distress
    • Replace self-destructive behaviors like cutting, substance use, or inappropriate sexual activity with positive behaviors.

Counseling can help

  • Develop helpful coping skills
  • Improve school attendance and performance
  • Stabilize after a psychiatric crisis
  • Learn new ways to cope and manage anger
  • Improve communications
  • Improve family and peer relationships
  • Enhance social skills
  • Increase self-esteem

Areas of Specialty


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  • Parenting Classes

    NorthCare offers that focus on all ages, and have two primary goals: Get a child or teenager to behave better, while at the same time enhancing the relationship

  • Family Therapy

    We work to strengthen families of all types by promoting good communication, connection and problem-solving skills, and working through family trauma. We help families by quickly getting down to the seeds of conflict in their family “trees” and starting to do things differently, so that their trees can bear healthy fruit. Our staff assists parents in developing effective parenting strategies for children of all ages.

  • Wraparound & Systems of Care

    Children who’ve suffered trauma often have complex needs and require creative, customized interventions to recover and realize their potential in life. NorthCare brings expertise and experience to provide specialized services that “wraparound” families to promote children’s healing and support families impacted by trauma.

  • Community & Home-Based Services

    Offers specialized community-based services with a multidisciplinary team for those whose needs are better met in the community than through traditional, office-based services but families are not interested in a comprehensive wraparound program.

  • School-Based Services

    We offer school-based counseling and support for children and teens with emotional or behavioral problems. With offices in select schools across the Oklahoma City School District, our therapists can quickly intervene so children get the help they need to achieve their best at school.

  • Foster Care Stabilization and Family Reunification Services

    Helps children & youths placed in the DHS foster care system to retain successful placement by supporting the entire family system, and then following the child or youth to family reunification when possible. A multidisciplinary team assists the family with intense needs.

  • Child Psychiatry

    Our team of highly skilled psychiatrists and nurses support, strengthen and enhance your mental health. We provide psychiatric assessments and, when needed, the newest and most effective medication is prescribed and provided through our in-house pharmacy.

    NorthCare provides psychiatric evaluations, pharmacological management, and medication training and support for children and adults. Our team consists of board certified psychiatrists and nurses. Individuals seen by the psychiatrist may have medications filled at our pharmacy during their scheduled appointment, if they so choose.  NorthCare is able to assist individuals with applications for various Patient Medication Assistance programs.

DHS Involved Services

NorthCare supports the safety and well-being of children by providing a variety of services that help function at their best. We work with families when they are struggling and need support to help provide their children a safe and stable home. Our programs work with caregivers that may be involved with the Oklahoma Department of Human Services Child Welfare (OKDHS CW) and also those that are not. NorthCare supports families at all levels of OKDHS CW involvement, from voluntary services, to prevention services, and also court involved services. Our overall goal is to help children remain with their family.  Other programs we offer support kinship foster placement and resources that support adoptive families. These programs work closely, and collaboratively, with OKDHS CW to provide these innovative services.

Comprehensive Home Based Services (CHBS) focuses on providing education and support to families impacted by abuse and neglect in their own homes. CHBS utilizes SafeCare, an evidence-based parenting curriculum, and care coordination to help families increase safety, permanency, and well-being for themselves. CHBS providers are located in satellite offices across the state including Oklahoma City, Norman, Lawton, Clinton, Enid, and Stillwater. CHBS is available through NorthCare in 45 western and central Oklahoma counties (Region 1 yellow, Region 2 blue, and Region 3 purple).

Parent Partners is designed to offer hope, guidance, and advocacy to parents currently involved with the Department of Humans Services (DHS) through peer support and shared experience.  Parents who have children in foster care will have the opportunity to be paired with a mentor who has successfully navigated the DHS Child Welfare process.

Intensive Safety Services (ISS) is a short-term, intensive, in-home therapeutic program. Therapists work hand-in-hand with families and DHS to engage in trauma-informed & recovery focused services to address issues such as addiction, domestic violence, and mental health. ISS strives to promote the safety, health, and overall well-being of Oklahoma families, who are involved in prevention services with DHS. The mission of ISS is to help keep children within their family systems as safely as possible.

Home Studies are completed for prospective traditional foster care, adoptive, and kinship families living in Oklahoma County and working with the Department of Human Services. Families served are interested in providing care for children in foster care and children who are in need of a permanent adoptive home. Information gathered for a Home Study provides case workers important information to use when making placement decisions for children in care and help to tell the unique and individual story of each prospective family.

Child Profiles are completed for children in the custody of the Oklahoma Department of Human Services, in Oklahoma County, who have a goal of adoption. Child Profiles provide case workers crucial information to use when making permanency decisions while also providing the adoptive family and the child, information about the child’s family including social and medical history. Some of the information created in a child profile is also shared with AdoptUSKids, a national project that supports child welfare systems and connects children in foster care with families.

SafeCare is a free, home-based, parenting support program serving families in Oklahoma or Cleveland County with at least one child ages 0-5. Families receive weekly training and education to promote bonding and positive parent-child interaction, help manage child behavior and ensure health and safety in the home. Our main goal is to reduce parental stress by providing a toolbox of skills and connections to community resources.

Family KINnections

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Family KINnections provides individual support to kinship foster families in Oklahoma County.  The goals are to assist with decreasing placement disruption and to increase stability and permanency for children. A Family KINnections’ Community Resource Specialist will work directly with families to identify needs, educate and link to resources, and offer support while having kinship children in the home.