North Care's Alternative Behavioral Services (ABS)
Is a school for students being served through the Special Services Department of the Oklahoma City Public Schools (OCPS). Students in this project have been suspended from their home schools for violating the weapons, substance abuse or disruptive behavior policies of the OCPS. The school is open to students from elementary to high school ages. North Care counselors and OCPS special education teachers work together to provide an educational environment where students can achieve their academic and behavioral goals.

Positive Behavioral Intervention and Support (PBIS)

PBIS provides an emphasis on school-wide systems of support that include proactive strategies for defining, teaching and supporting appropriate student behaviors to create positive school environments. Instead of using a patchwork of individual behavioral management plans, a continuum of positive behavior support for all students within a school is implemented in areas, including the classroom and non-classroom settings. Positive behavior support is an application of a behaviorally-based systems approach to enhance the capacity of schools, families and communities to design effective environments that improve the link between research-validated practices and the environments in which teaching and learning occurs.

Child and Adolescent Clinic
Provides individual and family therapy to children and adolescents in an outpatient setting. We use various techniques and forms of treatment (cognitive-behavioral therapy, solution-focused therapy, play therapy, and PCIT) to treat children's emotional and behavioral problems. Concerns addressed in therapy include: sexual and physical abuse victimization; attachment disorders; attention-deficit/hyper-activity; low self-esteem; loss (divorce, death) issues; and anxiety and depression.

Crisis Intervention Services (CIS) for Kids

We provide 24-hour-a-day mental health assessment and stabilization for Oklahoma County children and families, who are in acute psychological, emotional or behavioral health crisis. Staff provide telephone and face-to-face assessment, consultation and community linkage. This service is provided in the office, family home or school setting.

Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavior Therapy (TF-CBT)

Children who have been sexually and/or physically abused need a safe, therapeutic environment to talk about the abuse. To treat these children, many of our therapists utilize TF-CBT, which combines trauma-sensitive interventions and cognitive behavioral therapy. Children and parents are provided with knowledge and skills related to processing the trauma; managing distressing thoughts, feelings and behaviors; and enhancing safety, parenting skills and family communication.

Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT)
This is a short-term, specialized behavior management program designed for young children (ages 2-7) experiencing behavioral and/or emotional difficulties. PCIT works with the child and care-giver together to improve overall behavior, reduce parenting stress and enhance the parent-child bond.

Brief Strategic Family Therapy (BSFT)

We offer BSFT, a brief problem-focused family therapy model that works to change communication and relationship patterns in families whose children/adolescents have behavioral problems. Our therapists are highly trained to provide this process-oriented treatment, which engages the entire family.

Children's Case Management
Offers assessment of youth and family needs and actively works to provide linkage with community resources and access to basic services and supports required.

Comprehensive Home Based Services (CHBS)
The goal of CHBS is to help preserve, strengthen, and/or restore the integrity of the family through the provision of intensive Home Based Services.
Oklahoma Children’s Services is a comprehensive integrated statewide approach to services for families and children impacted by abuse and neglect. Comprehensive Home Based Services and Parent Aide Services are the components of the Oklahoma Children’s Services program. North Care provides these services through contracts with the Department of Human Services. Families are referred for services by local Child Welfare staff. The goal of the program services is to help preserve, strengthen, and/or restore the integrity of the family through intensive home based services. The program extends services to over 1300 families a year. The service area includes the entire western half of the state (42 counties).

North Care Center provides an array of outpatient services to those individuals, who are consumers of North Care Center and are affected by HIV/AIDS. North Care Center provides services to the young and old, singles and couples, families and individuals reaching out for professional counseling to assist them with their fears, emotional let-downs and even issues surrounding death after they or someone they love have tested positive for HIV. North Care's statistics reveal an increase in the consumers we are currently serving that are HIV positive, high risk for infection, or in counseling because a family member or loved ones has AIDS.

Home Studies (HS)
The purpose of Home Study Services is to identify safe, nurturing family environments for children who have been removed from their homes. North Care provides Home Studies for Prospective Adoptive and Foster Care Home applicants.

NorthCARE for Kids (NC4K)
An intensive, in-home treatment program designed to improve the psychological and emotional well being of children and families through the provision of specialized behavioral health services. Children and families are provided a full array of services including therapy, case management, and social rehabilitation. Services are designed to assist children and families with anger management, parenting skills, substance abuse, and other disruptions to healthy functioning of the family system.

Promise Place Demonstration Project
This program is designed to strengthen the family life of teen parents, who attend Emerson High School. Opportunities are offered to enhance family communication and support, develop healthy relationships and parenting skills, and identify a supportive network of resources in the community. The students' lives will be enhanced through their education; preparation for the work world; access to health care; culturally responsive social services; and other personal resources.

The Safe Families Program
A clinical outcome research project serving families with young children, the Safe Families Program provides services in the home, utilizing the Project Safe Care model of services or traditional counseling services provided by North Care's Children and Family programs. Families learn how to reduce family stress, prevent behavior problems from their children, improve communication and discover community resources. Serving residents of Oklahoma and Payne counties, we provide services to families, who have at least one child under the age of six and are experiencing parenting difficulties or living with significant stressors. All services are free-of-charge.

Oklahoma KIDS' Care Net
A System of Care for Oklahoma County
Oklahoma Kids' CareNet is a network of caring, committed partners working hand-in-hand with families to provide the best quality services to children and adolescents with severe emotional disturbance and their families. At the community level, the project is committed to creating a full continuum of care for children in Oklahoma County organized into a contin-ued network to meet the multiple and changing needs of children, adolescents and their families. At the service level, wrap-around services are provided with the belief that children and adolescents are best served in their own communities, living within their families.

North Care of Alva
North Care's Alva office provides Comprehensive Home Based Services (CHBS).

North Care of Enid
North Care's Enid office provides Comprehensive Home Based Services (CHBS).

North Care of Lawton
North Care's Lawton office provides Comprehensive Home Based Services (CHBS).

North Care of Norman
North Care's Norman office provides Comprehensive Home Based Services (CHBS) and NorthCARE for Kids (NC4K).

North Care of Pauls Valley
North Care's Pauls Valley office provides Comprehensive Home Based Services (CHBS) and NorthCARE for Kids (NC4K).

North Care of Stillwater
North Care's Stillwater office provides Comprehensive Home Based Services (CHBS). The Stillwater office also provides NorthCARE for Kids (NC4K) and the Safe Families program for all of Payne County.

Selected programs at North Care Center have been accredited by CARF