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We provide 24/7 intervention for all ages in Oklahoma and Logan Counties for persons who feel out of control or have thoughts of suicide, harming themselves or hurting others.

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Criminal Justice Services

NorthCare has over 20 years experience in providing recovery-oriented services to individuals with substance use or mental illness who are involved in court diversion and re-entry services. NorthCare is an approved specialty court provider and Department of Corrections service provider.

Research shows that mental health, addiction, and trauma are often underlying factors in criminal justice involved activity. NorthCare’s philosophy is to help treat these factors to assist individuals in pro-social engagement in their community. NorthCare is proud to be a part of a multitude of community collaborations aimed at diverting men and women from jail/incarceration. We want everyone to have the opportunity to thrive in their community.


  • Crisis Services

    Crisis Line

    In a crisis, you can receive same-day services in a friendly, welcoming and engaging environment. We are here to help you through the rough times.

    We are also available 24/7/365 through our Crisis Line


Drug Court and Mental Health

Works with the jail and court systems to divert non-violent individuals with unmet addiction and/or severe mental health needs into treatment. These programs are designed to keep men and women in their community, while meeting court requirements including sobriety, education, employment, and treatment engagement. NorthCare provides treatment and supportive services to both court programs in Oklahoma County.

Veteran’s Programs: Veteran’s Diversion and Veteran’s Court

Northcare participates in two diversion programs designed to address the uniquely complex needs of Veterans involved with the criminal justice system in Oklahoma County. Alongside community partners including the District Attorney, Public Defender, Probation and Parole, NorthCare provides mental health and addiction treatment to Veterans.


Is a program focused on stopping the intergenerational cycle of trauma, addition and incarceration in the family system. Northcare partners with ReMerge to provide behavioral health treatment focused on addiction, trauma and mental health challenges to women with minor children, who have been diverted from prison to this intensive treatment program. For further information about ReMerge visit http://www.remergeok.org

Re-entry Intensive Care Coordination Teams (RICCT)

Is an intensive reintegration program working with individual with severe mental illness who lack family or traditional social support. This program provides intensive community-based services when these individuals are transitioning from incarceration into the community.

Day Reporting Community Monitoring and Supportive Services

Is a pre-trial bond program focused on assisting low risk offenders with unmet mental health or addiction needs. The goal is to keep low-risk individuals in their community rather than in jail while awaiting their hearing. During this time, persons in this program engage in treatment services along with regular check-in’s to ensure they are meeting bond requirements including sobriety and employment.

Offender Screenings

Are provided as part of Oklahoma County’s requirement for diversion court applications (e.g. drug court, mental health court, community sentencing, ReMerge, and the Oklahoma County Veteran’s Diversion Program). These screens quickly assess for possible mental health and addiction needs, along with criminogenic risk.

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