The PATH Homeless Program
PATH serves the chronically homeless (living on the streets or shelter) and the seriously mentally-ill homeless population of Oklahoma County. PATH provides intensive case management to assist the individual in obtaining housing and benefits as well as medications and any other immediate needs the homeless individual may have.

Adult Outpatient Program

Individual, group, marital and family therapy are provided in an out-patient setting through this program. Various forms of therapy are used, (i.e. cognitive behavioral therapy, art therapy, solution focused, client centered and reality therapy, just to name a few) to treat individuals with emotional and behavioral problems. Some of the concerns addressed in therapy include sexual/physical abuse, traumatic life event, depression, anxiety, grief and loss, and thought disorders. Therapy works toward the resolution and recovery of the interpersonal conflict, improves understanding of self, broadens choices, improves decision making ability, and increases the quality of life.

Substance Abuse/Co-ocurring Disorders
North Care Center provides comprehensive services for adults with substance abuse or co-occurring substance abuse/mental illness. Philosophically, the program supports abstinence based recovery. Accountability is emphasized to encourage a balance in life without the use of mind altering substances. Services focus on giving the person served the education and coping skills necessary to maintain a sober lifestyle and maximize his/her potential for growth and personal fulfillment. Group counseling is the primary modality employed but individual and family services are also available, as indicated. Group curricula emphasize the disease concept, identification of triggers leading to substance abuse, coping skills to deal with these, and tools to assist with relapse prevention. For those with co-occurring disorders, this treatment targets the use of substances in the context of the individual’s mental illness. Twelve step support groups are also strongly encouraged. Referrals are made to North Rock Medication Clinic when it is determined that a consumer can benefit from psychiatric assessment and psychotropic medications. Services can be accessed by calling North Care’s Screening Department.

Adult & Senior Home Based Services
This program offers comprehensive support services to elderly and developmentally disabled individuals who reside in nursing facilities, residential care facilities and private residences. Services include individual and group therapy, case manage-ment and in-home supports.

Unity House
Unity House is a psychosocial rehabilitation program designed to assist the individual in regaining control of his or her life through self-directed participation in social, pre-vocational, daily living and educational activities. These activities are provided with a strong wellness philosophy, and the belief that mental health consumers can take charge of their lives, recover and make a significant contribution to society.

Case Management Services
Offers outpatient services for severely mentally-ill adults. The purpose of the program is to assist consumers in attaining and maintaining their optimum level of functioning in the community through the provision of supportive services. To assist consumers to adjust to community living, increase independence and decrease use of psychiatric hospitalization. Services are based on individualized treatment plans.

Employment Services
Our Employment Services program offers employment related support services to individuals, who need assistance getting back into the workforce. We support consumers with all aspects of the employment process including employment readiness training, job interest and matching services, job placement and personal support. We assist our consumers with being compliant with TANF and Social Security Administration guidelines in order to ensure proper and continued benefits. We can also assist in funding for employment related expenses and provide assistance with basic needs including housing, food and medical coverage.

North Care Center provides an array of outpatient services to those individuals who are consumers of North Care Center and are affected by HIV/AIDS. North Care Center provides services to the young and old, singles and couples, families and individuals reaching out for professional counseling to assist them with their fears, emotional let-downs and even issues surrounding death after they or someone they love have tested positive for HIV. North Care's statistics reveal an increase in the consumers we are currently serving that are HIV positive, high risk for infection, or in counseling because a family member or loved ones has AIDS.

Jail Diversion
The Jail Diversion program's goals is to offset the repeated cycle of recidivism by providing a case manager to intensively work and provide discharge planning within the Oklahoma County Detention Center. Therefore, enhancing accessibility of integrated community-based behavioral health services. The target population for the Jail Diversion program is adults with serious mental illness and/or
co-ocurring substance abuse disorder and mental illness incarcerated in the Oklahoma County Detention Center.

Probation Supervision Program

North Care Municipal Probation Program is a service-oriented program designed to assist municipal court systems in the supervision of misdemeanor, non-violent offenders. We are committed to providing courts with options when dealing with offenders. We provide probationers with the guidance, services and resources to successfully complete the terms of their probation, allowing them to remain in the community. Besides supervision, the program provides substance abuse evaluations and drug testing to its probationers. These services are also available to those needing them independent from a court referral.

Day Reporting

This program targets persons incarcerated in the Oklahoma County Detention Center, who are on a pre-trial status and are eligible for early release, with a caveat of services and supervision. Judges from the Oklahoma County District Court approve the release of all persons admitted to the program. The Day Reporting Center, in conjunction with the Oklahoma County Sheriff's Department, deliver therapeutic services, tailored to each individual's needs, while also providing varying levels of supervision services. By providing customized treatment plans and services, we attempt to address the mental, physical and emotional needs of the individual, so that they may live successfully in the community. Day Reporting is designed to be an alternative to long-term jail incarceration and is a product of North Care's partnership with the Board of Oklahoma County Commissioners.

Re-entry Intensive Care Coordination Team (RICCT)

RICCT is program which focuses on the reintegration of persons incarcerated in a Department of Corrections Secure Facility. Prior to release to the community, the RICC team is notified of a pending release of an incarcerated individual. The team then makes immediate contact with prison officials to gather pertinent information, as well as the individual to provide an opportunity to participate in the program on a voluntary level. Upon acceptance to the program, the RICC team will then identify services that will assist the individual in making a successful transition into the community. Individuals considered for the program must have a serious mental illness and many will have substance abuse disorders requiring co-occurring treatment.

Outpatient Counseling
Outpatient counseling includes individual, marital, family, and group therapy. Counseling works toward resolution of interpersonal conflict, improves understanding of self, broadens choices, improves decision-making, and increases quality of life.

The mission of the Oklahoma County Program for Assertive Community Treatment (PACT) is to provide intensive, integrated, and multi-disciplinary community-based treatment and rehabilitation for the severely mentally ill who are at great risk for homelessness, incarceration, re-hospitalization, or have been previously considered untreatable by traditional methods.

Selected programs at North Care Center have been accredited by CARF